Just like Joomla! the gallery component JoomGallery is an Open Source project and exists because of its community. Which means that everything in the project is developed and maintained by the users of the JoomGallery. It is our wish (of JoomGallery friends) that the project can continue as an Open Source project.


In line with the spirit of Open Source, the product and its source code are made available publicly and free of charge. In return we want the users of JoomGallery to contribute to the project. The exact contribution to the project is up to each person to decide according to his or her own abilities and discretion. However, it is essential that everyone tries to give something back to the project so that the JoomGallery can continue to exist in its current form.

Following is an incomplete list of possible activities to help supporting our beloved gallery component:

  • Further development of the software code on GitHub
    Implement your own feature requests and improvements and share your result with the community creating a pull request. This way everyone can benefit from your improvements.

  • Implement feature requests and bounties (issues) of other users
    Implement feature requests of other users and earn some pocket money if a successful bounty runs on this feature request. What bounties are and how they work is explained here.

  • Share and donate your feature requests on GitHub
    You have a feature request but can't implement it yourself? Open an issue on GitHub and donate the first contribution. Perhaps someone will implement the feature for you.

  • Donate money on Bounties
    Donate money for a feature or improvement you would like to see implemented. This can motivate developers to implement this feature for you. What bounties are and how they work is explained here.

  • Testing new software code
    All changes to the code must be extensively tested before they can be incorporated into the main project and published with the next release. Help out with testing and report found bugs to the developer (no programming skills required).

  • Active involvement in the forum
    Share your knowledge and experience on JoomGallery with other users and participate as a supporter in the forum. Discuss with the community about new features and future plans of the component.

  • Write documentation about the component and its extensions
    Extensive software needs extensive documentation. Send us missing articles or suggestions for change or improvements and we will publish it on the website.

  • Translate the software into one of the many supported languages
    The texts of JoomGallery consist of over 2,000 pieces of text, which wouldlike to be translated into over 30 languages. Help to translate missing parts of the text in your preferred language.

  • Become a moderator in the forum or on the official project website
    Join in the core team of JoomGallery friends and become a moderator in the forum or on the website.

  • Donate money to JoomGallery friends
    Support us via PayPal to keep the project website and forum running.

  • You have an idea how to support the project? Contact us!