The money for the rebuilding of the community was raised, we thank all donors for their participation!

Of course you can still make donations to support this project even after the fundraising has finished...

We are aware of this project to be open source, and we actually want to continue as open source. The project lives for the fun on the thing. However, the maintenance of a community generates costs which we are not willing to finance ourselves. Therefore the following costs have to be covered:

  • Hosting costs (the operation of this website and of the forum generate periodic costs)
  • Forum software (a new, sophisticated and easy-to-use forum software shall be purchased)



In our opinion, the heart of a strong and sustainable community is the forum. A robust, easy-to-use forum is therefore crucial for a further expanding and well-functioning JoomGallery community. That is why we want to launch a commercial forum software for JoomGallery. In the JoomGallery-Forum help shall be offered, bugs and/or future features discussed and solutions found without being disturbed by the handling of the forum software.

For these reasons we decided to start a fundraising for the benefit of the whole JoomGallery community.

Hereby we appeal to all friends and users of the JoomGallery component. Help us to rebuild the community and ensure the support of the gallery in the future!

Many Thanks.